Trace after an alien?
Nope it's only me. It's so cold to start up in the morning so i hade to wait on the sun and warm me up

and Volvo excavator EC240CL
They are now parked beside  the airfield for the winter
Yes it's snowing on Troll time to time, but not much.

Last year (2010) about 37mm

Hello there, are you freezing?
Bird photographer
Another photo objekt
warming up in the sun
Almost touch down
Don't disturb me, i'm eating, you bloody human!!!!
Try your self to run on snow for a take off....
Hey don't look at me, i haven't stolen your food.
I'm only a photographer

Okey, i'll watch you from here
I haven't seen like an ugly photographer before.

Are you human or what???
Com1 and moon
Tour to Tor
Fieldstation Tor, which is almost used for ornithological studies
If you think that the withe colour on the rocks is paint , you are abolutly wrong.

It's bird shit.....
We are wisit "Marianusgropa"
Magnus  sign the guestbook

It's blowing between 15 and 20 m/s
I'am innocent, i haven't done this
Aaaa, it's a climbing wall
The higest i ever seen
Any one want to climb, mail me and i can tell you where the wall is
Can you see the person
Two pictures off "Cumulus fjellet"
Sunset in Antarctica, view from "Tor"
A hippo???
Just another view
Highway 1 back to Troll
Almost at Troll
Another way to use a doctor , making waffle
Find the fault

Any one have a chainring for sale?
A simple way to fuel up a BV 206

First you need a generator
Than you need a fuel tank
Then fill it up

Easy isn't it
What the f#%/(E"€"#€€!€%"!?=)(/"%k