May started with bad weather
The chef is trying to ride out the storm
After bad weather it's always be good weather
Troll station
Sunrise from my bedrom window
See above
A good dinner on 17 May
As you all know, Troll is a Antarctic sciense station and on a science station there will always be some research.
The winterover crew on Troll reflected on, if you throw up hot coffe in the air, will it freeze before it hit the ground?
The answer is yes!!!!!  it did freeze
Another reflection is, when you are hiking in cold areas you can not have wather in your drinking can (it will frezze) so what can you use instead.
Botle nr1: STROH                      60% alc
botle nr2: KAHLUA                     20% alc
botle nr3: Jose Cuervo                40% alc
botle nr4: SAMBUCA                   38% alc
botle nr5: ROSE'S Lime               0% alc
botle nr6: MÍLLERS TRAN         0% alc
botle nr7: Karamellsaus                0% alc
Here they are outside
-34 degree Celcius
-29,2 Farenheit
The first loser is ROSE'S Lime (glass E)
And then MÍLLERS TRAN (glass F) fish oil
Loser nr3 is Jose Cuervo Tequila (glass C) What?????
And then the wind blow over the glass, the judgement is that you can use STROH, KAHLUA and Karamellsaus in your bottle when you are hiking for example on Antarctica